Master Parts Distributors
Desa parts such as Comfort Glow heater parts, Comfort Glow fireplace parts, Reddy heater parts, Master parts, All-Pro heater parts, Universal heater parts, Vanguard heater parts, Vanguard fireplace parts, Vanguard log set parts, Remington chain saw parts, Remington tiller parts, Remington heater parts, and Glo-Warm (Glow Warm) parts.  Products for these include generators, blue flame heaters, radiant infrared heaters, garage heaters, space heaters, torpedo heaters, salamander heaters, gas burning fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, pole saws, chain saws, roto tillers, and much more.

077115 077115
Adjustment Plate

111304-01 111304-01
Bracket Kit (Includes 111182-01)

122511-01 122511-01
3 1/2" Sprocket Kit

108640-01 108640-01
Gray Sprocket Cover

108641-02 108641-02
Orange Sprocket Cover

116675-01 116675-01
Sprocket Cover







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